Policy & Politics are related but distinct and different worlds. Let Brightstone Bridge connect your legislative, regulatory, or procurement goals with success.



The road to success in your policy goals will take many twists and turns. The professionals at Brightstone Bridge have years of experience and an extensive network through the United States and the world. These professionals understand the complexities of the legislative process. Let us help develop a plan to assist you in its execution.


Brightstone Bridge has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies that wish to do business with state governments. Brightstone Bridge will work with you toward the solidification of a successful bid with any state agency.


In any kind of advocacy, whether a single issue or multi-state campaign, messaging is one of the key and essential components to rendering a favorable result for your purposes. Brightstone Bridge will help develop your messaging and identify other stakeholders that will help in moving forward with your cause.


"I worked with Dusty for over two years and consider him a trusted coworker and friend. He built out a trade association state government relations program with limited resources and showed true professionalism throughout this process. He achieved great things and gave tirelessly and selflessly to the organization so that others, including the member companies, could succeed. Dusty has a phenomenal ability to make authentic connections with people and this benefits any organization he works for. He is highly regarded in the state government relations world and is a subject matter expert in myriad state e-commerce issues."

- Abigail Slater

SVP Policy & Strategy at Fox

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